Commission deposit for Haley Dickey

IMG_2611 (1).JPG
IMG_2611 (1).JPG

Commission deposit for Haley Dickey


55 x 88 commission of Karlotta for over the mantle.  Framed in natural wood frame.  Frame price to be quoted and charged after piece is complete.

- paint hair more blonde like Haley's 

- add blush

- draw the body more like Haley

$8200 (not including frame)

(2) 48 x 35 paper works for bedroom

- complimentary Nudes (goddess figures) on paper (standing). 

- Framed in an acrylic box frame.  Framing will be quoted and charged after pieces are completed.

- Haley to send nude self portraits

$1800 ea. (not including frame)

24 x 35 work on linen for breezeway.  

- To look like Korrelate but done in black and white/neutral pallette.


Total to be charged is $14600.  This price does not include framing.  After works are complete we will get all frame quotes and framing will be charged once all framing is complete.  I will have all works delivered and installed in your home at once.

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